Record Store Day with Pie&Vinyl…What you need to know! PLEASE READ folks, it explains some important things…

For those who are new to Record Store Day, and a recap for those who treat the annual celebration as a type of Birthday/Christmas all rolled in to one…here is some very important information on how we will roll on the big day.

First of all, we are delighted to announce that we will have our beautiful historic Castle Road closed again for a 1 day festival, called ‘Castle Road does Record Store Day’.

We will again fill the streets with immense local traders, and like minded businesses plus a very exciting line up of artists appearing on our outdoor stage. Much more information and the line up of artists will be coming your way very soon…stay tuned folks.

Ok, we’ve called them rules but please see them as positives gestures, in order for everyone to have a great day (or something like that)


  1. We will open our doors on the big day at 8am sharp. People are welcome to queue in an orderly fashion from approx a week before then.
  2. First come first served. We really mean it.We adhere to RSD and ERA rulings, which state that we can’t reserve anything for anyone (Including animals and robots). Damn right too! What kind of cherished event would RECORD STORE DAY be if people could reserve records? You need to earn that LIMITED must have…this isn’t downloading, it doesn’t come easy but the rewards are totally worth it and you will feel like a champion! We promise…
  3. ONE COPY OF EACH OFFICIAL RSD RELEASE PER CUSTOMER. You can buy as many records as your bank manager allows, but please don’t try and purchase two or more of the same thing, as we will not sell them to you. This will mean everyone will have a chance to get what they want
  4. We’ll be letting 25 people in to the store at a time. Although we are larger, we have to respect the people who have queued for hours and give them a fair crack at purchasing what they have nearly died for. We are a larger beast these days, but still small and perfectly formed. We don’t want to see any crushes/fist fights/passion for music being compromised. We will play it by ear as the day goes on, and as soon as we feel it is safe to let more punters in, we shall do.


With all this no sleep, queuing lark – Rest assured, we want you fighting fit when you finally get to touch those promised pieces of shellac. You need to eat, to be strong to face the final hurdle…a Bowie 7’’ or the complete Vengaboys collection? We can’t have you going hungry now…

We’ll be looking after you early birds and making sure you are comfortable and offering pies and drinks for you to consume while you wait.

Our kitchen team will be taking orders from the queue and we’ll be offering free Pie&Vinyl TEA to warm you up and keep you alert. We’ll be out there early…

Food and drinks will also be served throughout the day from our outside pie pop up stall, and (look out for some delicious music related pie specials)

Don’t be put off if you don’t fancy standing in a queue. And this is why we employ the rules above, so that everyone gets a fair crack of the whip) Many people were still finding bits they wanted at mid day/early afternoon last year. We want to make this as fair as possible, and look after you regular customers as well as welcoming new ones.

Now we are more established, we are confident that we will receive large amounts of stock, and certainly as much as we are allowed to lay our furry paws on. But do remember, that some of these items are super limited (in some cases only  150 items for the whole country) so depending on total quantity available, we will get as much as we are sent.


The first customers on the big day have usually earned the right, by queuing for quite some time. If there is something you really, really, really want – Plan to get there really really early.

This may sound funny, but you get to meet some really like minded souls, standing in line. There was a really special atmosphere and team spirit last year…and when that door opens, you won’t have felt excitement quite like it! Friends for life and a triumphant atmosphere all round!

Bring plenty of cash – there will be a cash only till in action on the day to help serve you as swiftly as possible. It will also be handy for purchasing a few drinks and some hot food for those queuing (we can’t take card transactions under £5).

We would love to invite you to request exactly what you are looking for from this years Record Store Day 2015. Click –

P&V Record Store Day 2015 list with pricing

When you have decided what bits you are desperate for, please e mail [email protected] – and put your requests in the subject line starting with ‘what I want for record store day is:…’ (This will help us pluck these requests from our bulging contact inbox.)

We will add this to our buying list and make darn sure that there will be at least 1 copy in our store (hopefully more) but unfortunately we can’t guarantee that it’s for you.

Please continue to consult* for details of all official UK releases.

*(Don’t be confused with the version, this is the U.S.A. release list, and they differ)

A note on the pricing for Record Store Day – As many regulars know, we aim to offer the lowest prices and the highest standard of experience. We never mark our prices up, our standard margin is applied to all stock at all times of the year.

Above all, enjoy this fantastic event and please remember – Record stores are for life, and can be visited every day of the week…not just record store day! P&V

Pie&Vinyl at the Independent Record Label Market, London Spitalfields Easter Market!

We are back!

After a wonderful time at the Christmas market, we have been asked back to represent P&V !

We’ll be selling our latest Label releases, and our T shirt releases with download code.

We’ll be bringing along some special reduced for the occasion stock, as well as lots of merch….plus, we’ll be handing out our very own Pie&Viny tea for free…

If you are in London next weekend, be sure to drop in – it will be mega…

More details below and a great video clip from the Christmas market last year.

11am – 6:30pm
Old Spitalfields Market




Records, beer, records, beer – Both? Well we’ll be appearing in heaven this weekend…

Back for our third visit to the esteemed Independent Record Market in association with the London Brewers fair, We’ll be selling our latest Label releases, and our T shirt releases with download code.

We’ll also be bringing along some special reduced for the occasion stock, as well as lots of new summer style merch and playing our label tapes LOUD all day long.

If you are in London next weekend, be sure to drop in – it will be mega…

SATURDAY 11th July
11am – 6:30pm
Old Spitalfields Market








Attending the market are the following:

37 Adventures
Acid Jazz
Africa 7
Beggars Arkive
Bella Union
Big Dada
Black Acre
Blue Red Green
Caught By The River
Cherry Red
Chess Club
Claremont 56
Cosmic Bridge
Drag City
East London Printmakers
Erased Tapes
Far Out
Faux Discx
Nice Up!
Fine Grains
First Word
Fortuna Pop!
four three six
Full Time Hobby
Gare Du Nord
Glory & Honour
High Focus
ISM Labels
Late Night Tales
Mais Um Disco
Marathon Artists
Memphis Industries
Midnight Riot
Moshi Moshi
Mr Bongo
Mukatsuku Records
New Analog
Ninja Tune
Non Plus
Names You Can Trust
Bastard Jazz
Paradise Bangkok
Rhythm Section International
One Little Indian
Original Peter Record Hunting Bags
Pie & Vinyl
Pressure Sounds
Rip This Joint
Rocket Girl
Shogun Audio
Something In Construction
Song, By Toad
Soul Jazz
Sound Performance
Stolen Recordings
Sunday Best
The Carvery
Tru Thoughts
Unit 137
Vibration Records
Wekesa Enterprise
Wine Scouts
World Circuit

Mini Mansions live instore – 4.30pm today

We’re super chuffed to announce the fabulous Mini Mansions will be playing live for your ears this afternoon at 4.30pm, before their sold out show supporting Royal Blood at Portsmouth Guildhall.

Visiting us all the way from The US of A, Mini Mansions are  Zach Dawes, Tyler Parkford, and Queens of the Stone Age bassist Michael Shuman.

Mini Mansions was founded in 2009 after the Queens of the Stone Age decided to take a break after touring in support of Era Vulgaris. Their self-released EP from 2009 contains nine tracks. In 2014, they released the single “Death Is a Girl“, with a second studio album planned for release in 2015.

Punk is no stranger to the individuals who form Mini Mansions, but neither is melody. While they have all played in various DIY bands throughout their youth, they also share a clear affinity for The Zombies, Gorillaz, and Devo. These three members know how to be imaginative and unorthodox, while having a grasp on the levity in nihilism and love, and the fine line in between. Their new album, The Great Pretenders, will be released on T Bone Burnett’s Electromagnetic Recordings/Capitol Records. They are his first signing.

Mini Mansions came together via the members’ deep personal interconnections, and in the most organic way possible. Drummer/multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Michael Shuman has been playing music with MM bassist/multi-instrumentalist Zach Dawes since age 11. Both Valley kids grew up in Encino sharing their mutual adoration for all things punk rock, which ultimately paved the path for their future musical endeavors. Tyler Parkford, MM vocalist/keyboardist, entered this tight-knit fold after attending University of California Santa Cruz’s film program with Dawes.

With the passing years, each member made his own way: Shuman took to the stage as a teen, first in iconoclastic punk collective Wires On Fire through his current role as bassist in Queens of the Stone Age, Dawes has served as a studio hired gun and has worked with Brian Wilson, Kimbra, and longtime mentor T Bone Burnett (who had Dawes play bass on the recent all-star Dylan collection Lost On the River: The New Basement Tapes), while Parkford releases music under his solo moniker Mister Goodnite.

The Great Pretenders ambitiously reflects the depth, variety, and musical/compositional interplay between these three distinct individuals. It’s also probably the only record you’ll hear this year that features both Brian Wilson and Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner as guests – indeed, its entire song cycle teems with that kind of surprising discovery. The Great Pretenders actually represents Mini Mansions’ third release, following its 2010 self-titled debut album (put out on Josh Homme’s boutique indie imprint Rekords Rekords) and the group’s first self-released EP in 2009. Immediately, Mini Mansions starting playing shows with the likes of Them Crooked Vultures, The Kills, and Haim; the group quickly gained a passionate following for distinctly fantastical, colorfully melodic psychedelic-pop confections that expanded on their shared influences. “When we first got together, we agreed on things like late Beatles, Elliott Smith, early Big Star, and Electric Light Orchestra,” notes Parkford. “But after spending three years playing together, other tastes come out.”

This album reveals Mini Mansions’ more urgent side. “Love, death, and existentialism are the big themes here,” says Shuman, “and that’s reflected in how the songs sound.” Those qualities come out in the upbeat-but-questioning “Freakout!” and the nervous rocker “Fantasy” – both of which reveal a love for ‘80s New Wave angst-pop hooks. “It’s a sound that lets you know things are not okay, but you can dance to it and hum the chorus,” says Parkford. “It creates this awkward anxiety that you just want to revel in.”

This full-length also showcases Mini Mansion’s previously unrevealed heavy side. Shuman notes the relentless drum charge and volcanic one-note riffing on standout track “Mirror Mountain” “totally comes from listening to too much Big Black.”

The album also finds Mini Mansions coating its signature hooky psychedelia with a fresh dusting of glitter. “Heart of Stone” builds from intimately acoustic to trippily symphonic, dancing between Hunky Dory-era Bowie and ELO; likewise, the glam-rock ballad “Creeps” which comes by its Mark Bolan-esque fuzz guitar solo naturally. “That guitar tone is Michael playing straight into the console – which is the same exact mixing board T. Rex recorded Electric Warrior on,” says Dawes.

Mini Mansions was able to expand its sound on The Great Pretenders thanks in part to an extended gestation. Conceived and written over the last two and a half years, The Great Pretenders was largely recorded at Woody Jackson’s Vox Recording Studios. The oldest privately run recording studio in the world and an L.A. institution, Vox proved the perfect playground for Mini Mansions’ members, who found themselves doubly inspired by studio’s treasure trove of vintage equipment and instruments.

That exploratory spirit boiled down to the album’s guest collaborations. “Any Emotions” came to feature Brian Wilson after Dawes played bass on a session for the Beach Boys guru’s new album; the final result finds Wilson magically imbuing the track with his trademark voice and haunting melodicism. “Brian and I had a good rapport after the first session I did for him,” Dawes says. “When I asked him to work with us, he gave more than any of us had anticipated, I guess that’s why he’s Brian Wilson – it still feels a little surreal.” Alex Turner, meanwhile, adds a brilliant verse “Vertigo,” which, with its Wu Tang-style strings and G-funk breakbeat, “is essentially our take on a hip-hop song. We thought it would be cool to have this kind of Mark E. Smith-style, British thug thing on a track like that. We’d become close to Alex, so it was a no-brainer – but what he did was still way beyond our high expectations.”

When Mini Mansions had completed work on the record, T Bone Burnett immediately signed it to Electromagnetic, the imprint he runs via Capitol Records. “I’ve worked with T Bone for years,” Dawes says. “He’s a great friend, boss, mentor, confidante, ambassador – and a serious artist. His co-sign means everything.” “T Bone and Capitol fully trusted in us, and gave us full reign to do what we wanted,” Shuman adds. “When we first started, we were trying to figure out what kind of band we wanted to be. Now that we know who we are, we just want to get these songs out there, and give them the best shot possible.”

We excited for this one, and recommend you get down early for this FREE show. Go America!Attachment-1

Pie&Vinyl at BBC 6 Music Festival – Tyneside

We are back! This time to the north east, and Tyneside!…

It’s looking bigger and better than last year, with an incredible line up of acts (that we can pester hopefully:)

If you are going – come and say hello.

We’ll keep you up to date via twitter and facebook, and look out for us on a red button on the telly…

Pie&Vinyl Records Release – The Boy I Used To Be – ‘Grip EP’ on multi coloured cassette tape with download

The Boy I Used To Be return with their second Pie&Vinyl Records release ‘Grip EP’ on 2nd March. The six track EP follows last years ‘Friday Morning EP’, stamped again with their very own brand of Lo-Fi Psych Pop wonders.

Primarily recorded in the bedroom of songwriter Edward Perry, ‘Grip EP’ is the result of a year spent playing shows and retreating back into the four walls of their shared house. The past year saw The Boy I Used To Be share stages and sold out shows with Johnny Marr, Mazes, Oliver Wilde, Traams and DZ Deathrays. They also stopped off at Isle of Wight Festival, Truck Festival, Blissfields and Southsea Fest, with a heavy festival schedule planned again for the year ahead as the duo morph into a full live band.

“Local boys The Boy I Used To Be will also be making an appearance there, and those into the sun-tinged pop of Wavves would do well to check ‘em out.” – DIY

‘Grip EP’ will be released on a limited run of 50 cassettes and accompanying download code available from the Pie & Vinyl shop in Southsea and online, plus digital download.

We will also be hosting The Boy I Used To Be’s first ever headline show at The Fat Fox on Thursday March 5th at 7pm, tickets are £3. More info here

In the meantime, enjoy this video featuring a new track from the GRIP ep…it’s lovely and it’s called ‘Try’.



Valentines Day at Pie&Vinyl…

Hey there you old smoothies you.

We’re now taking bookings for Valentine’s Day, so if you’re thinking of treating your loved one to a romantic pie & mash meal, why not come dine with us at Pie & Vinyl on the 14th February.

We’ll be taking bookings at 6pm and 7.30pm, and as you all know spaces are limited,  so if you wish to book a table for the evening please email [email protected] and our resident cupid will get back to you asap.

We’ll also be taking pie pre orders this year to make your experience much more comfortable, and give you more time to smooch, so please include your pie choices and preferred seating time in your email…We’ll then dig out the ultimate 80’s love songs playlist, and give you a night to remember! :)



POND are back with a new album released on 26th January and the lovely people at their label – Caroline, have  printed up some sweet looking hand numbered canvas prints of the great comic book style artwork.

 THERE ARE ONLY 20 OF THESE IN THE WORLD so a desirable thing for sure!

 To enter, all you need to do is preorder  the album using our click&collect service HERE or purchase the album in store during the first week of release. (If you’ve already C&C’d, your name will be in the hat)

Your name will be automatically entered into a hat as big as a pond. 20 names at random will be merrily plucked from said hat, and we will alert you if you have won! Win!

 This promotion will run from now until end of the first week of release (midnight 1st of February)

Oh yes, the music – psychfuzzrock with a hint of synth at it’s biggestt! The band Tame Impala could have been…

Visit website where anyone registering can get a free download of a track from there.

 Pond canvas photo 1 (1)

Pie&Vinyl Records: New Artist News – SACHA

New year, new label announcement, and we are delighted to announce the arrival of SACHA in to your world…The latest act on the Pie&Vinyl Records roster.

Details of Sacha’s debut EP and launch show will be announced soon…

Weird-o electronic pop, hook after hook with a nice sprinkling of surreal. Another great local talent.

Have a read and listen below…


Pie&Vinyl Records introduce…


Sacha biog pic

Sacha is one man. One man, for the world, fighting against the flow. The figure battling upstream is that of a rogue preacher. Preaching harmony and forgiveness when all around him is dark, grim and violent. Behind the mask lies south coast native, Gosport raised, Alexander O’Toole. Sacha is the latest incarnation of Alex’s musical outpouring, striking back with an unstoppable urgency. Right now he has more than ever to say about the state of civilisation and human endeavour. Alex finds Sacha behind the wheel of a vast organ churning away songs deep into the dark night. Strains of love, loss and regret filter into his latest body of work. Eighties synth pop nostalgia and humanist ideals are wrenched into the post futuristic wall of sound he immerses the listener in.

Pie&Vinyl top 11 albums of the year/The Pie&Vinyl Peoples Record Of The Year 2014 Vote!



Yes, in true spinal tap style…we have chosen 11 of our favourite records of the year. It sort of makes choosing a top 10 much easier…

We will post all 11 on our Facebook page, and invite you to ‘like’ the album you think is the greatest of 2014!

In early January, we will choose a winning name from all of you fine folkers that have voted/liked and the winner will receive a meal voucher and a copy of the winning record – AKA The people’s choice Pie&Vinyl record of the year!


 In no particular order (yet) our top 11 is:


St. Vincent – St.Vincent

War On Drugs – Lost In The Dream

Big Ups – Eighteen Hours of Static

Goat – Commune

Angel Olson – Burn Your Fire For No Witness

Mazes – Wooden Aquarium

Ty Segall – Manipulator

Ought – More Than Any Other Day

Todd Terje – It’s Album Time

Shellac – Dude Incredible

Sharon Van Etten – Are We There


Honorary mentions in no particular order as what’s the point?


A Sunny Day In Glasgow – Sea When Absent

Ariel Pink – Pom Pom

Morrissey – World Peace Is Non Of Your Business

FKA Twigs – LP1

Ultimate Painting – Ultimate Painting

Jack White – Lazaretto

Real Estate – Atlas

Jungle – Jungle

Swans – To Be Kind

Warpaint – Warpaint

Hookworms – The Hum

Mogwai – Rave Tapes

Honeyblood – Honeyblood

Mac Demarco – Salad Days

Benjamin Booker – Benjamin Booker

Esben & The Witch – A New Nature

Smoke Fairies – Smoke Fairies

Pallbearer – Foundations Of Burden

Aphex Twin – Syro

Ex Hex – Rips

Dean Blunt – Black Metal

Perfume Genius – Too Bright

Soft Walls – No Time

Virginia Wing – Measure Of Joy

The Twilight Sad – Nobody Wants To Be Here

School Of Language – Old Fears

Foxygen…And Star Power

Chad VanGaalen – Shrink Dust

Avi Buffalo – At Best Cuckold

EMA – The Futures Void

Sean Nicholas Savage – Bermuda Waterfall

Ice Age – Plowing Into The Field Of Love

Sun Kil Moon – Benji

Wild Beasts – Present Tense

Caribou – Our Love

King Creosote – From Scotland With Love


Reissues of the year (Just 9 to balance things up):


Slint – Spiderland (Remastered)

The Clean – Anthology

Nick Cave – Abattoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus

American Football – American Football Reissue

Mogwai – Come On Die Young

The Beatles – Mono box set

Lewis – L’Amour

The Pixies – Doolittle 25

Can – Tago mago