Record Store Day at Pie&Vinyl – Rules & Tips for Fun Times – Please Read

For those who are new to Record Store Day, and a recap for those who treat the annual celebration as a type of Birthday/Christmas all rolled in to one…here is some very important information on how we will roll on the big day.

Ok, we’ve called them rules but please see them as positives gestures, in order for everyone to have a really great Record Store day! Read on for a few tips also…


  • We will open our doors on the big day at 8am sharp. People are welcome to queue in an orderly fashion from approx. a week before then. We will close at 7pm.
  •  First come first served. We really mean it. We adhere to RSD and ERA rulings, which state that we can’t reserve anything for anyone (Including animals and robots). Damn right too! What kind of cherished event would RECORD STORE DAY be if people could reserve records? You need to earn that LIMITED must have…this isn’t downloading, it doesn’t come easy but the rewards are totally worth it and you will feel like a champion! You can however request what you are after, which will help us order the the correct amount of stock. just email [email protected] – with your requests.
  • ONE COPY OF EACH OFFICIAL RSD RELEASE PER CUSTOMER. You can buy as many records as your bank manager allows, but please don’t try and purchase two or more of the same thing, as we will not sell them to you. This will mean everyone will have a chance to get what they want. From Sunday (the day after) The rules will be relaxed, any stock left and in any quantity will be up for grabs.
  •  We’ll be letting 25 people in to the store at a time. Although we are larger, we have to respect the people who have queued for hours and give them a fair crack at purchasing what they have nearly died for. We are a larger beast these days, but still small and perfectly formed. We don’t want to see any crushes/fist fights/passion for music being compromised. We will play it by ear as the day goes on, and as soon as we feel it is safe to let more punters in, we shall do. By putting the above rules into place, this will mean that everyone should be able to purchase at least something they desire at any point during the day.

Don’t be put off if you don’t fancy standing in a queue. And this is why we employ the rules above, so that everyone gets a fair crack of the whip) Many people were still finding bits they wanted at mid day/early afternoon last year. We want to make this as fair as possible, and look after you regular customers as well as welcoming new ones.

There may be quite a few late additions, or titles you have heard are being released but not on the RSD list.

Rest assured, if it’s an official RSD UK release, we will have a chance to stock it.

We are confident that we will receive large amounts of stock, and certainly as much as we are allowed to lay our furry paws on. But do remember, that some of these items are super limited (in some cases only  150 items for the whole country) so depending on total quantity available, we will get as much as we are sent.

To request any title – please e mail [email protected]

See HERE for release list and P&V prices.


The first customers on the big day have usually earned the right, by queuing for quite some time. If there is something you really, really, really want – Plan to get there really really early.

This may sound funny, but you get to meet some really like minded souls, standing in line. There was a really special atmosphere and team spirit last year…and when that door opens, you won’t have felt excitement quite like it! Friends for life and a triumphant atmosphere all round!

Bring plenty of cash – there will be a cash only till in action on the day to help serve you as swiftly as possible. It will also be handy for purchasing a few drinks and some hot food for those queuing.

Make sure you get to enjoy the street market and our incredible outdoor stage – more information HERE (announced soon)

Keep up to date by visiting and ‘liking’ our social pages, and sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know stuff.

Pies and drinks

With all this no sleep, queuing lark – Rest assured, we want you fighting fit when you finally get to touch those promised pieces of shellac. You need to eat, to be strong to face the final hurdle…a Bowie 7’’ or the complete Vengaboys collection? We can’t have you going hungry now…

We’ll be looking after you early birds and making sure you are comfortable and offering pies and drinks for you to consume while you wait.

Our kitchen team will be taking orders from the queue and we’ll be offering free Pie&Vinyl TEA to warm you up and keep you alert. We’ll be out there early…from about 6am ish. You may even be served by ‘Piedi’ our pie mascot:)

Food and drinks will also be served throughout the day from our outside pie pop up stall, and (look out for some delicious music related pie specials)

Also, we’d like to welcome our RSD ambassadors this year METALLICA. E mail us any messages you have for them, and we’ll pass it on.

Lot’s of  Love, the P&V Referee x

rsd metal 2016


Pie&Vinyl launch new Allegiance cards – with 10% off loose leaf tea, and small batch roasted record coffee this weekend!

That’s right folks, if you visit the store this weekend – pick up an allegiance card! We are coming up to our fourth birthday (becoming a proper boy/girl) and we want to thank you for the loyalty you have shown us on this journey of music and gravy.

We have some good looking portable cards for all you record, pie and hot drink lovers out there! Simply collect 10 stamps and collect your prize.

To help you on your way, we’ll be offering 10% off all hot beverages this weekend only:)

Our premium loose leaf teas – brewed to perfection, and small batch roasted record coffee – made with love and care – really are pretty special. You can drink in or take away.

For more explanation on the prizes and surprises, enjoy a good read below – P&V

Allegiance cards visual

Pie&Hi-Fi is now OPEN!

Pie  Hi-Fi-page-001

Pie&Vinyl are delighted to announce that another limb has grown from its ever evolving shop of music and food. We introduce to you PIE&HI-FI…Here for all of your high fidelity needs.

Whether you want a beautiful looking system to compliment your front room, or some solid high end separates that will make you think the artist you are listening to is there in front of your very eyes.

Offering reconditioned, pre loved indestructible quality turntables, amps and speakers – all sourced from various periods from the 50’s -90’s. We stock many famous branded items in different colours and the various styles and fashions of those eras.

We will soon be selling brand spanking new turntables, from the ‘Crosley’ and ‘Rega’ brand. Coming very soon.

We offer a three month warranty on all of our separates for peace of mind, and if you purchase a complete system (turntable, amp and speakers) we’ll also give you a £20 Pie&Vinyl gift voucher to get your record collection started.


We will also be offering a repair service, no job too big or too small. Pop in and see us for a chat.

We can also get that replacement stylus you thought was impossible to find…just bring in your cartridge specs, or turntable brand and model number and we will order a replacement for you.

We will also be stocking record brushes, anti static cleaning cloths, slip mats, record cleaning fluid and where possible, speaker wire and various phono leads.

Pop in and see us for a browse or if you have any queries or questions. We are located in the basement area of SHOP. Along Castle Road, three doors away from Pie&Vinyl. Feel free to pop in to the shop if you need any assistance also.

(Pies are not sold here as pastry may get in to the circuit boards. We just thought Pie&Hi-Fi sounded good)



Pie&Vinyl Record Adventure – Pie&Vinyl’s annual record club is here! Let us send you records for a year…

Record Adventure 1 Record adventure 3Record adventure 4Record adventure 2


Record Adventure…with Pie&Vinyl

Who wants to join our club? Although we feel a bit strange calling it a club, as this is for everyone no matter what kind of creature you are

…Let’s rephrase, who wants to go on a record journey? For a year?

Well, we thought that as our great friendship flourishes, you may even trust us to pick some records for you?

For just £100 per annum, we will send to your home address four highly recommended (by the staff) records, once a quarter.

Breaking that down – that’s one top record of our esteemed salutation, every three months!

We will also include a mystery Pie&Vinyl gift with every record you receive (it may even be a pie in the post) – plus, when you sign up for our adventures in sound, we give you a Pie&Vinyl T shirt of your choice! You will also receive a special identifiable record adventure bracelet, as we also give you priority at in store performances (you’ll always get in no matter what!) Pie&Vinyl presents shows priority chance to purchase tickets (and we are planning some big acts next year) plus special offer discounts in store, like random 10% off weekends and ‘Sale’ stock browsing before anyone else!

 To take advantage of our yearly subscription, pop in to the store where we will sign you up and present you with your uniform or e mail [email protected]

This offer runs for the first 2 months of a quarter. At the end of the third month in the quarter, we will send the goods…

This may be easier to explain:

 Jan & Feb (Sign Up) End of March we send the goods…

 April & May (Sign Up) End of June we send the goods…

 July & August (Sign Up) End of September we send the goods…

 October & November End of December we send the goods before Christmas:)

 You can sign up at any point during the year but your adventure starts from the period outlined above and will last for four records.

Let us take you on an adventure!

Record Adventure POSTER-page-001

The Pie&Vinyl recommended and our favourite 11 albums of the year + The Pie&Vinyl Peoples Record of the Year 2015 Vote!

My word, is it that time again?

Another incredibly strong year, which has flowwwnnnn by…and judging by the sheer size of my record collection (compared to this time last year), I can only suggest that it’s been a bumper 2015.

So many great new artists, surprise returns, surprise demises and then surprise returns – music from far off lands…it’s had it all.

The main winner continues to be physical format music, with more people buying and enjoying vinyl than ever before (or at least since the early 90’s or something). While of course we continue to champion the shellac stuff, we also treat the modern vinyl almost as a new format, with various inclusions such as special edition colours, downloads and CD’s included almost as standard, thick heavyweight pressings, thick cardboard cover prints, lots of free gifts from actual jackets to posters to sew on patches to signed copies of albums, to locks of the artists hair. Maybe.

We thank everyone who has shopped with us this year, and we feel very lucky to have such an amazingly passionate customer base. Viva La Vinyl! Let’s do it again in 2016.

Anyway, on to our recommended lists. We don’t always go in for ‘the best record of the year’ as music is such a personal choice, it makes that impossible. So (yes, in true spinal tap style)…we have chosen 11 of our favourite records of the year. It sort of makes choosing a top 10 much easier.

To have some fun with this list, we will post all 11 on our Facebook page, and invite you to ‘like’ the album you think is the greatest of 2015! Look our for this next week beginning 14th December.

In early January, we will choose a winning name from all of you Pie&Vinyl posters that have voted/liked and the winner will receive a meal voucher and a copy of the winning record – AKA The people’s choice Pie&Vinyl record of the year! (or something as glamorous as that)

 So… In no particular order (yet) our top 11 is:


Chelsea Wolfe – Abyys
Viet Cong – S/T
Panda Bear – Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper
Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp a Butterfly
Wand – Golem
Alabama Shakes – Sound & Colour
Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Multi-Love
Sufjan Stevens – Carrie & Lowell
Ought – Sun Coming Down
Julia Holter – Have You In My Wilderness
Jenny Hval – Apocalypse, Girl

Build your own Pie&Vinyl Christmas gift sets, and save money! Yo ho Ho….

Merry Christmas!

And what a wonderful set of sets we have on offer for this years 2015 Christmas celebrations.

From your nearest and dearest to someone you sit next to on the bus, we have a gift for that special person.

We have put together gift sets that replicate the experiences that Pie&Vinyl offer, whilst saving you money. The gift sets will come luxuriously wrapped and presented so you can guarantee them looking real pretty under your tree.

When in store,  Simply select the gift set you require – alert a member of the Pie&Vinyl team – watch them gift wrap your unique,  individual gift of choice – pay whilst saving money – go home, put the kettle on – put your feet up, job done.

These are available in store now!

More details below!

Xmas_Gifts_2015_Print 20(2)-page-001 (2)


Book Pie&Vinyl for your Christmas party, or turn up any time and celebrate Yuletide with our Christmas Set Menu…



It’s time to dig that Christmas jumper out of the cupboard, wear it proudly and then dance badly…It’s Christmas office party time! If you’d like to have your party with us, we are delighted to offer you the chance to book the whole venue. We can comfortably seat 30 people (Choose a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday between 7pm – 9pm only) for just £450 which includes the set menu deal for all of your group. Please enquire in store or [email protected] to make your booking.


The Pie&Vinyl Christmas Set Menu

Celebrate the Yuletide this festive period and  organise your own gathering with a 2 course Christmas meal and any drink for only £15 a head.

We have a new festive cordial on offer, so why not try our new festive Spiced Pear & Plum Cordial warm?

This special deal is available every day during the festive period.

Our festive offerings are below.

Merry Christmas! from Pie&Vinyl x


Christmas set Menu_A4_new_print-page-001




Pie&Vinyl does Black Friday & The Universal 12 Days Of Christmas Campaign #Record Store Day part II – 2015

black friday Image result for black friday records uk

We will again be participating in Black Friday Record Store Day this year, and again there are some exciting one off releases…available on a first come, first served basis –

These titles will be available on November 27th at 11am and will be available until all are sold out (that means they will be on the shelf the following days to come if you can’t make it in on Saturday)

Universal Records 12 Vinyl days of Christmas Promotion.

The great team at Universal are back again this year with highly limited and special titles released on a set day in the build up to Christmas. This will start on Black Friday the 27th November and run until 12th December.

If you would like to reserve a title, please email [email protected] and we will confirm your reservation when we receive the stock.

Check pricing and more information here: Universal 12 Days of Christmas Offerings

Below are details of the all the official UK releases for Black Friday 2015 and The Universal 12 Days of Christmas campaign- please note that the U.S.A will be offering different titles…and we may be stocking some of them. Check for official releases.

If you would like to reserve a title, please email [email protected] and we will confirm your reservation when we receive the stock.


Black Friday – 2015

The UK releases for Black Friday this year!

The Arcs

Release Date: 27 Nov 2015

The Arcs –

The Arcs vs The Inventors, Vol. 1
P&V Price £12.99

Brian Wilson

Release Date: 27 Nov 2015

Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson
P&V Price £32.99


Release Date: 27 Nov 2015


Another Music in a Different Kitchen
P&V Price £20.99

Jeff Buckley

Release Date: 27 Nov 2015

Jeff Buckley

Everyday People
P&V Price £7.99

Johnny Cash

Release Date: 27 Nov 2015

Johnny Cash

Man in Black Live in Denmark 1971
P&V Price £24.99


Release Date: 27 Nov 2015


Rock me Amadeus/ Vienna Calling
P&V Price £8.99

Gang of Four

Release Date: 27 Nov 2015

Gang of Four

Songs of the Free
P&V Price £20.99

Jay Electronica

Release Date: 27 Nov 2015

Jay Electronica

Exhibit A + C
P&V Price £15.99

The Jesus and Mary Chain

Release Date: 27 Nov 2015

The Jesus and Mary Chain

Barbed Wire Kisses
P&V Price £24.99

Neil Hefti

Release Date: 27 Nov 2015

Neil Hefti

Batman Theme/ The Batusi
P&V Price £8.99

Otis Redding

Release Date: 27 Nov 2015

Otis Redding

P&V Price £11.99

Phil Collins

Release Date: 27 Nov 2015

Phil Collins

In the Air Tonight
P&V Price £11.99

Stone Sour

Release Date: 27 Nov 2015

Stone Sour

Straight Outta Burbank
P&V Price £21.99

Various Artists

Release Date: 27 Nov 2015

Various Artists

Transformers, The Movie Soundtrack
P&V Price £44.99
Release Date: 27 Nov 2015
Tenacious D
P&V Price £22.99

The Universal 12 Days of Christmas – 2015

From Black Friday 27th November – 12th December!

Release Date Artist Title Info Format
27 November 2015 Queen Bohemian Rhapsody 12” black vinyl release celebrating the 40th Anniversary of “Bohemian Rhapsody” includes the original artwork and track listing.Track List
“Bohemian Rhapsody”/”I’m In Love With My Car”
28 November 2015 Paul McCartney Say Say Say 2015 remix of the 1983 hit “Say Say Say” originally recorded with Michael Jackson for the album Pipes of Peace. Artwork features silver and black ink with a graphite finish, and the vinyl is transparent. B-side is an instrumental version of the song. This remix is exclusive to this limited edition piece.
Track List
“Say Say Say (2015 Remix)”/”Say Say Say (Instrumental)”
30 November 2015 Maccabees Marks To Prove It Signed copies on LP of their current album. Available on Black and a limited am,ount on Coloured Vinyl Signed Coloured LP
01 December 2015 Abyssinians Satta The Abyssinians are a Jamaican roots reggae group, famous for their close harmonies and promotion of the Rastafari movement in their lyrics. 10″
02 December 2015 Kooks Inside In/Inside Out (Live At Abbey Road) Recorded almost precisely 10 years to the release day, first the time ever the 2nd LP of the 2LP debut album Inside In Inside Out is available as a stand alone product LP
*now 18th* December 2015 Nine Inch Nails Halo I- IV Box Set The limited edition Halo I-IV vinyl box set contains the original 12” singles for “Down In It”, “Head Like A Hole” and “Sin” on 120-gram black vinyl and the 1989 version of Pretty Hate Machine on 180-gram black vinyl.
Track List :halo one Down In It (original release date 9/15/89): A1 “Down In It (Skin)” A2 “Down In It (Shred)” B1 “Down in In (Singe)” halo two Pretty Hate Machine (original release date 10/20/89): A1 “Head Like A Hole” A2 “Terrible Lie” A3 “Down In It” A4 “Sanctified” A5 “Something I Can Never Have” B1 “Kinda I Want To” B2 “Sin” B3 “That’s What I Get” B4 “The Only Time” B5 “Ringfinger” halo three Head Like A Hole (original release date 3/22/90): A1 “Head Like A Hole (Slate)” A2 “Terrible Lie (Sympathetic Mix)” A3 “Head Like A Hole (Clay)” B1 “Head Like A Hole (Copper)” B2 “You Know Who You Are” B3 “Head Like a Hole (Soil)” B4 “Terrible Lie (Empathetic Mix)”  halo four Sin (original release date 10/10/90): A1 “Sin” A2 “Sin” B1 “Get” B2 “Sin”
4 x 12″
04 December 2015 Status Quo Rollin’ Home/Lonely The Quo vinyl came out in 1986, original as a rare Q shaped vinyl and an even rarely uncut version. This version is a repressing of the uncut vinyl with a Q on it. 7″ Pic Disc
05 December 2015 Beck Dreams Dreams will be released on Transparent Blue, Standard Weight vinyl. – A-side single – B-Side Instrumental and Acapella .
4 colour sleeve / Embossed + spot gloss varnish
Polylined White inner
12″ Blue
07 December 2015 Gaz Combes Matador A hand signed copy by Gaz of the album on CD. Signed CD
08 December 2015 Various Artists Reservoir Dogs Exclusive release for 12 Days of Xmas before being released to all partners. 10 days till all accounts have it. Black vinyl edition. LP
11 December 2015 Megadeth The Threat Is Real Two tracks from the forthcoming Dystopia album We are hugely excited to bring you news of Megadeth’s brand new studio album DYSTOPIA on 22nd January 2016, this 12″  has the tracklisting
“The Threat is Real”/”Foreign Policy”
12 December 2015 Sonic Youth The Diamond Sea Taken from their 9th studio album Washing Machine released in 95. Diamond Sea is almost 20 mins long! 12″

The BLM Mud Pie – Pie&Vinyl Guitar Pedal available in store now!

Hands up if you’ve heard what a pie sounds like? If you listen carefully, really really carefully to the next pie you eat…you’ll hear that it makes a BIG DIRTY MUD PIE GARGANTUAN NOISE! Over drive galore.

That’s right friends, musical pastry for the ears. Now this guitar pedal isn’t edible, that will be the mark II – but it sure is similar.

With an amazing hand printed shell, and the filling, made by hand with love and tender care. Delicious!

We are honoured to have a guitar pedal, made in our honour!

BLM Mudpie is the product of a collaboration between three independent parties, Pie&Vinyl, BLM Audio Electronics and Birmingham based artist James Turner. The result is a limited batch of handmade, silk screen printed overdrive guitar pedals. Each pedal is numbered and sold with a numbered A5 print of the original artwork. There is currently only 12 in existence.

In Store now! and available to order on the website soon…

More info and pictures below!

BLM Mudpie 1


BLM Mudpie 2



BLM Mudpie 4

BLM Audio Electronics is a small business based in Bristol, specialising in bespoke handmade audio equipment.

Every product stamped with the ‘BLM’ logo is designed and built by the hand of founder Bob Leadbeater. Previous to BLM Audio Electronics Bob has been a fanatic musician for many years, playing in bands, writing and recording music as well as working freelance as a sound engineer.

BLM strives to be a name that stands for excellent quality, unique products, and most importantly  an endeavour to bring together art and technology.  Working hard to collaborate with up and coming artists to create new and interesting graphic designs as well as unique concepts.


It is a privilege to announce the release of BLM Audio Electronics first major collaboration, the ‘Mudpie’ Overdrive guitar pedal.

BLM Mudpie is the product of a collaboration between three independent parties, Pie&Vinyl, BLM Audio Electronics and Birmingham basedartist James Turner. The result is a limited batch of handmade, silk screen printed overdrive guitar pedals. Each pedal is numbered and sold with a numbered A5 print of the original artwork.

The pedals feature a unique U-fold design steel enclosure – designed by BLM and fabricated in Northamptonshire, a turret style circuit board designed and made by hand in the BLM workshop and original artwork hand drawn by artist James Turner. The illustrations were exposed onto a silkscreen by James and printed in Bristol by Bob. This wonderful project however could not have happened without the intervention of the amazing people behind Pie&Vinyl, a central hub for music collectors and musicians alike!

If you wish to support or find out more about this new tiny business, head to:

BLM Audio Electronics

James Turner (Artist)


The Autumn Pie&Vinyl Record Sale (and 10% off everything in Pie&Hifi) – Sale Starts this Friday 23rd October at 11am and finishes on Sunday 25th October at 5pm.

Flash record RECORD Sale, sale S_A_L_E….MEGA SALE!…at Pie&Vinyl this Friday, Saturday & Sunday only!



mickey sale

What better way to usher in the Autumn time with some conkers and records.

This is easily going to be our biggest ever record sale, with many top artists and titles released this year…

HUNDREDS of records, all reduced by approximately up to and quite often over 50% – great! Gifts for Christmas? Or just missed some of the years best releases…We have CHEAP records going.

Also, for one weekend only – every immaculate reconditoned and new piece of hi-fidelity equipment found in Pie&HiFi will have 10% taken off the total price:) Yum.

Pay us a visit this weekend, and come and grab some spring style bargains.

Sale starts Friday 23rd October at 11am and finishes on Sunday 25th October at 5pm.

Record Adventurers gain priority access at 10:o0am on Friday – just show your wristband:)

Enjoy the bargains!

Team P&V