The BLM Mud Pie – Pie&Vinyl Guitar Pedal available in store now!

Hands up if you’ve heard what a pie sounds like? If you listen carefully, really really carefully to the next pie you eat…you’ll hear that it makes a BIG DIRTY MUD PIE GARGANTUAN NOISE! Over drive galore.

That’s right friends, musical pastry for the ears. Now this guitar pedal isn’t edible, that will be the mark II – but it sure is similar.

With an amazing hand printed shell, and the filling, made by hand with love and tender care. Delicious!

We are honoured to have a guitar pedal, made in our honour!

BLM Mudpie is the product of a collaboration between three independent parties, Pie&Vinyl, BLM Audio Electronics and Birmingham based artist James Turner. The result is a limited batch of handmade, silk screen printed overdrive guitar pedals. Each pedal is numbered and sold with a numbered A5 print of the original artwork. There is currently only 12 in existence.

In Store now! and available to order on the website soon…

More info and pictures below!

BLM Mudpie 1


BLM Mudpie 2



BLM Mudpie 4

BLM Audio Electronics is a small business based in Bristol, specialising in bespoke handmade audio equipment.

Every product stamped with the ‘BLM’ logo is designed and built by the hand of founder Bob Leadbeater. Previous to BLM Audio Electronics Bob has been a fanatic musician for many years, playing in bands, writing and recording music as well as working freelance as a sound engineer.

BLM strives to be a name that stands for excellent quality, unique products, and most importantly  an endeavour to bring together art and technology.  Working hard to collaborate with up and coming artists to create new and interesting graphic designs as well as unique concepts.


It is a privilege to announce the release of BLM Audio Electronics first major collaboration, the ‘Mudpie’ Overdrive guitar pedal.

BLM Mudpie is the product of a collaboration between three independent parties, Pie&Vinyl, BLM Audio Electronics and Birmingham basedartist James Turner. The result is a limited batch of handmade, silk screen printed overdrive guitar pedals. Each pedal is numbered and sold with a numbered A5 print of the original artwork.

The pedals feature a unique U-fold design steel enclosure – designed by BLM and fabricated in Northamptonshire, a turret style circuit board designed and made by hand in the BLM workshop and original artwork hand drawn by artist James Turner. The illustrations were exposed onto a silkscreen by James and printed in Bristol by Bob. This wonderful project however could not have happened without the intervention of the amazing people behind Pie&Vinyl, a central hub for music collectors and musicians alike!

If you wish to support or find out more about this new tiny business, head to:

BLM Audio Electronics

James Turner (Artist)


The Autumn Pie&Vinyl Record Sale (and 10% off everything in Pie&Hifi) – Sale Starts this Friday 23rd October at 11am and finishes on Sunday 25th October at 5pm.

Flash record RECORD Sale, sale S_A_L_E….MEGA SALE!…at Pie&Vinyl this Friday, Saturday & Sunday only!



mickey sale

What better way to usher in the Autumn time with some conkers and records.

This is easily going to be our biggest ever record sale, with many top artists and titles released this year…

HUNDREDS of records, all reduced by approximately up to and quite often over 50% – great! Gifts for Christmas? Or just missed some of the years best releases…We have CHEAP records going.

Also, for one weekend only – every immaculate reconditoned and new piece of hi-fidelity equipment found in Pie&HiFi will have 10% taken off the total price:) Yum.

Pay us a visit this weekend, and come and grab some spring style bargains.

Sale starts Friday 23rd October at 11am and finishes on Sunday 25th October at 5pm.

Record Adventurers gain priority access at 10:o0am on Friday – just show your wristband:)

Enjoy the bargains!

Team P&V


CASSETTE STORE DAY 2015 at Pie&Vinyl…on Saturday October 17th

cassette store day 2015

”Clink, Clank, Clonk!” I just put my tape in to my tape player…Oh we love Cassettes.

Bring a pencil folks…Can I get a rewind?…Cassette store day is back!

We’ll be supporting this years event in store, and celebrating the timeless plastic format.

There is so much to love about Cassettes – they are cheap. They are colourful and collectable. Fun to play and usually contain a download code.

We also have an exclusive, the first ‘Portsea You Black Island – Volume 1′ – compilation tape, curated by Pie&Vinyl and our friends Champagne Justice. More details here

Creating a similar scenario to Record Store Day, we’d like to invite you to request what you would like.

Take a look at the below release list, and then send an e mail to [email protected], with your requests. Please also add to the starting line

‘Can I get a Rewind? – I’d love to have for Cassette Store day ….”

I will try my darn best to order that requested cassette tape in for you. My pleasure:)

We’ll also have an array of tape players for sale, so a great chance to dive back in to the world of tape and fill the gap in your heart that Woolworths has left…

The shop will be open from 11am – 9pm, so get there early for the pick of the best releases. They will remain on sale until they’ve been gobbled up.

Have a look here for more info:

Releases below:

Artist Title Label
Alex G Beach Music Domino Records
Bleak House Music From The Middle Room Keshcology
Colin Potter REcent History’ Volumes 1 & 2 ICR
Emile’s Telegraphic Transmission Device All That May Happen I/O Records
Fisty Kendal Mind Control Third Kind Records
Fovea Hex Neither speak nor remain silent’ & ‘Here is where we used to sing’ Janet Records
GBS Music 2014 Lite: Wars Almost Art
Gengahr A Dream Outside Transgressive
Girl Band Holding Hands With Jamie’ Rough Trade Records
Heroics Flutters Good Sirens
Island Cassettes Dungarees Indian Corn
Jargo This Frequency Of Light Is All I Know FoxBox Records
Kaiser Chiefs Education, Education, Education, and War Fiction Records
Location Baked Cambrofuturism White Fez
Midasuno When Bulls Play God (Previously Unreleased ‘Cascade Records’ Version) Kissability
Midasuno Songs In The Key Of Fuck (2015 Re-release) Kissability
NARCS Ivy Clue Records
Ngawang Lodup Gratitude 30iPS
Now Wakes The Sea Primary Colours FoxBox Records
Parallel Dimension Cartel Parallel Dimension Cartel Transmission Tower
Poodles/Lone Doe Unusual Beach Day/Dark Night Monuments Fox Food Records
Radio Soulwax Hardcore Or Die Hi-Lo Tunez
Robert Tomaro Slime City (Original 1988 Motion Picture Soundtrack) One Way Static/Strange Disc
See below. Two releases, see below. The Adult Teeth Recording Company
Serbey Gubka Lost Wars The Association for Depth Sound Recordings
Shura Three Years Polydor
Spector Moth Boys Fiction Records
Spoilers 3 Songs Vibe/Anti-Vibe
Spoilers Live at Geertruida Geertruida
Suren Unka El Chupacabra PRISON TAPES
The Maccabees Marks To Prove It Fiction Records
The Wonderland Philharmonic Shogun Assassin (Original 1980 Motion Picture Soundtrack) CINEWAX/LIGHT IN THE ATTIC & ONE WAY STATIC
Tracya The Abyss 51beats
Trowler All The Truman Girls Echolalia Records
Tutu and the Bodyrockets The Ballad of Bonnie Bigfish Antiprimus Records
Various Artists The Secret Seventh Alcopop! Records/Super Fan 99
Various Artists C’est La Vie – EP HoneyPeace Records
Various Artists Blak Rainbow Blak Hand Records
Various Artists On New Horizons Vol 2 ZyNg tapes
Various Artists NOW 666 Vol. 2 FUZZKILL RECORDS
Various Artists Fall All Will Be Well Records
Various Artists Friendly Enemies [The HLT Plan: 21st Step] Hi-Lo Tunez
Various Artists VLR Mixtape Vol. 1 Viva La Records!
Various Artists The Long Halloween Mixtape Third Kind Records
Various Artists Relay Vol.1 Sports Day
Various Artists Post__Nothing Sessions -Edinburgh Underground Music Volume II FoxBox Records
Various Artists Ghost Babes Compilation Vol.2 Ghost Babes Records
Various Artists Quiet, Constant Friends Wake the Deaf
Various Artists THE CLEFT KNUCKLE ASTRO’S HIT Sapien Records Ltd
Various Artists Herzog TV: A Dublin Lo-Fi Collection Little L Records
Zelienople / Opal Onyx ZelienOpal Tin Angel

Pie&Vinyl’s Record Adventure #2 – look at the journey we took you on…sign up now!

Pie&Vinyl’s Record Adventure #2 – The mission brief.

So, next up Adventurers is a journey well worth taking, but hold on to your ears…as we unleash upon you the magical, mystical, psychedelic garage bomb that is ‘Wand – Golem’.

Released on the 19th of March via In The Red. This face melter will transport you to a time when swords were a persons best friend and dragons their worst enemy.  Cut from the same jib as Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees and Fuzz – and rehearsed in a GARAGE. What’s more, we have an extremely exclusive and limited version for you.

Our friends at In The Red via Forte Distribution, where so excited to hear about our next planned adventure – they offered us the LP in an exclusive RED colour. Not available in UK record stores. This makes your next adventure even more of a bespoke experience.

We are also very happy to enclose your Adventurers only P&V bracelets. Wear this for increased power, especially when we announce money off weekends or other offers only exclusive to you in the next quarter.


Record Adventure 1 july


So, here is your mission brief:


  • Book a flight to a remote part of France.


  • Carefully break the seals on your adventure package.


  • Remember your uniform, comb your hair, wax your tash and have plenty of incredibly strong Stilton, and a bottle of port with you.



  • Eat, Drink, soak in the sun and listen to WAND turned up to 31 and a half on your turning platter.


  • Then break the seals on your ‘emergency return to earth’ bonus cassette and allow P&V Records Very own Sasha to nurse you back to a safe and gentle place.



  • Finally, slip on your Adventurer wristband and sit patiently waiting for our next Adventurer exclusive event, could be a sale, could be an instore or a show.


Sign Up!

Record Adventure…with Pie&Vinyl

Who wants to join our club? Although we feel a bit strange calling it a club, as this is for everyone no matter what kind of creature you are

…Let’s rephrase, who wants to go on a record journey? For a year?

Well, we thought that as our great friendship flourishes, you may even trust us to pick some records for you?

For just £100 per annum, we will send to your home address four highly recommended (by the staff) records, once a quarter.

Breaking that down – that’s one top record of our esteemed salutation, every three months!

We will also include a mystery Pie&Vinyl gift with every record you receive (it may even be a pie in the post) – plus, when you sign up for our adventures in sound, we give you a Pie&Vinyl T shirt of your choice! You will also receive a special identifiable record adventure bracelet, as we also give you priority at in store performances (you’ll always get in no matter what!) Pie&Vinyl presents shows priority chance to purchase tickets (and we are planning some big acts next year) plus special offer discounts in store, like random 10% off weekends and ‘Sale’ stock browsing before anyone else!

 To take advantage of our yearly subscription, pop in to the store where we will sign you up and present you with your uniform or e mail [email protected]

This offer runs for the first 2 months of a quarter. At the end of the third month in the quarter, we will send the goods…

This may be easier to explain:

 Jan & Feb (Sign Up) End of March we send the goods…

 April & May (Sign Up) End of June we send the goods…

 July & August (Sign Up) End of September we send the goods…

 October & November End of December we send the goods before Christmas:)

 You can sign up at any point during the year but your adventure starts from the period outlined above and will last for four records.

Let us take you on an adventure!

NEW GLOBAL RELEASE DAY – from now on, everything will be released on a Friday. This starts on Friday 10th July.


Check out our new releases available to pre order using Click&Collect HERE

In a nutshell, this means you can collect your new releases at the weekend! And have time to play them…

Friday, July 10 marks the start of a paradigm shift in the global release schedule for new albums.

The previously-reported change – an eschewing of multiple release dates for each region for one worldwide release date – will affect 45 countries; it comes on behalf of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), which represents 1300 record companies around the world. To spread the word, they’ve launched New Music Fridays, a brand awareness campaign, as well as the #NewMusicFridays hashtag.

Friday was selected as the universal date in an attempt to curb piracy, and because weekends are when consumer traffic—in stores and online— are at their peak. IFPI CEO Frances Moore tells Billboard that July was chosen as the starting month for the new system to work out any kinks before the holiday season.

For albums arriving the week of July 10, prior to the starting date, this change will entail either releasing music twice in that week or having a longer gap between the store’s/label’s former release date and July 10.

Pie&Vinyl will be offering some exclusive limited records on the day of change to mark this historic event. We will be selling x 2 highly exclusive (Only 20 in the country) Third man records highly collected and USA exclusive record store day release of ELVIS PRESLEY’s very first recorded song. Yum. First come, first served on Friday July 10th:)

A recap below:)



”After anonymously buying Elvis’ first-ever recording at a January auction, Jack White is offering a limited-run vinyl re-release of “My Happiness” and “That’s When Your Heartaches Begin” at his Third Man Records in Nashville.

The 10-inch, 78-rpm facsimile of the 1953 recording was digitally transferred from the original acetate onto new vinyl discs with no cleanup — pops, crackles and all.

“It’s exactly what came off the grooves,” Third Man’s Ben Blackwell said.

The record is being sold in a plain paper sleeve because that’s “what Elvis would have walked out of Sun with a record in,” Blackwell said.

“Sun” is, of course, Sun Records, the legendary Memphis label operated by Sam Phillips. Presley paid $4 for the recording. Six decades later, White paid $300,000.”

The 2015 Pie & Vinyl Summer Menu Launch

Can we say it yet…..? Has summer arrived? Let’s just say it has yeah? So, let’s launch our 2015 summer menu!

We launching this Saturday 6th June, and we’re really excited to introduce some tasty new pies to the menu, as well as some familiar old favourites. We also have a new range of pasties available, and some delicious sweet pies, perfect with a healthy dollop of ice cream.

We also have a fabulous new drinks menu, incorporating our classic cordials and some amazing new tea blends from our friends at Wonky Tea in Wickham.

What we are most proud of though is our ‘Seed to Salad’ campaign. In conjunction with Southsea Greenhouse, we’ve been very busy bees, growing our own salad on the Pie & Vinyl allotment, which will be available along with red cabbage coleslaw as a summer alternative to mash and peas.

Seed to Salad is an attempt to do our part in becoming more environmentally aware and grow as much produce as we can ourselves, giving you the peace of mind that the salad on your plate has been planted, picked and prepared by us, locally.

We can’t wait for you to try our new pies, so make this weekend the weekend you come visit us!

See you soon!


Pie&Vinyl launch new ‘Back To Back’ T shirt designs, working with local artists to reinterpret our logo – available from Record Store Day! Order available now.

Pie&Vinyl always like to seek like minded local creatives to work with, and what a pleasure that is…

This time, we thought we’d go a step further. We thought it would be fun to invite some of the talented bunch of folk we’ve worked with to reinterpret the Pie&Vinyl gramophone logo.

And here is our first ‘back to back’ effort:) (see pic below)

This limited run of 100 T shirts will be screen printed on to high quality ‘American Apparel’ black T shirts, with unique labels on the sleeve and torso are’as of the shirt.

These will be available for sale from record store day onwards!

If you would like to pre order a tee – click HERE

Only 100 printed in Small, Medium, Large and XL and will cost £20

When they have sold, we will introduce a new artist to you.

This time, we are delighted to introduce the immensely talented Sam Brandon…

A short bio:

Sam Brandon, born and raised in the south of Spain. 24 years old, Animation student at Portsmouth uni. Recently settled in Southsea, Portsmouth to make art as he is inspired by the seaside, the local creative community, skateboarding and music.

Sam loves anything that is odd, a little creepy or awkward, maybe even a bit gross, torn up shoes (from skateboarding), scabs/scars, very loud music and great food.

Sam doesn’t have a website to direct anyone to at the moment but I usually just direct people to my instagram: @skever , Facebook: Sam Brandon , or twitter: @SamuelBrandon also email if you want: [email protected]

Sam Brandon T shirtPie  Vinyl Labels 20-11-2014-page-001

The Springtime Pie&Vinyl Record Sale (and 10% off everything in Pie&Hifi) – Begins this Friday 7th March at 11am and lasts all weekend only!

Flash record RECORD Sale, sale S_A_L_E….MEGA SALE!…at Pie&Vinyl this weekend only!


mickey sale

What better way to usher in the springtime, our records have multiplied, so come and clean us out!

It’s going to be our biggest ever record sale, with some springtime sizzlers reduced…

So, that’s HUNDREDS of records, all reduced by approximately up to and quite often over 50% – that’s half price records!

Also, for one weekend only – every immaculate reconditoned and new piece of hi-fidelity equipment found in Pie&HiFi will have 10% taken off the total price:) Yum.

Pay us a visit this weekend, and come and grab some spring style bargains.

Sale starts Friday 6th March at 11am and finishes on Sunday 8th March at 5pm.

Record Adventurers gain priority access at 10:30am.

Team P&V+


Thanks for a great Record Store Day! Back next year – RSD 2016!!! THE OFFICIAL UK RECORD STORE DAY 2015 RELEASE LIST with our pricing…and your chance to e mail us and tell us what you want:)

Hi Guys,

We would love to invite you to request exactly what you are looking for from this years Record Store Day 2015.


When you have decided what bits you are desperate for, please e mail [email protected] – and put your requests in the subject line starting with ‘what I want for record store day is:…’ (This will help us pluck these requests from our bulging contact inbox.)

We will add this to our buying list and make darn sure that there will be at least 1 copy in our store (hopefully more) but unfortunately we can’t guarantee that it’s for you.

***A note on the pricing for Record Store Day – as many regulars know, we aim to offer the lowest prices and the highest standard of experience. We never mark our prices up for any event, our standard margin is applied to all stock at all times of the year.***

Here we are great people…the official UK Record Store Day Release List 2015. This could be subject to change, and we will keep this as up to date as possible.


Please click below and don’t forget to let us know what’s on your hit list:)

P&V Record Store Day 2015 list with pricing


RSD Product Submissions April 14th 2015