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Unofficial Southsea Fest Party featuring Happy Meal Ltd/Vulgarians/Spaff Tits

Friday, 30th September - Doors are at 8pm, £5 to enter

Pie&Vinyl, and our ear twins, Strong Island Recordings have decided to make the most of the Southsea Fest weekend and are tag teaming to throw one insane show the evening before with some of the most exciting acts around.

Tickets are just £5 in advance which is a bloody bargain for 5 insane bands so if you’re down the night before then come party and if you weren’t planning on coming the night before then get booking a hotel or b&b or find a couch or something to crash on as this is going to be crazy funnnn!

Doors are at 8pm and the event is being held at the ‘Loft’ Venue (Above The Kings Pub) 39 Albert Rd, Southsea PO5 2SE.

We’ll also be DJing in between bands on the night. P H U N eh?. You can pre purchase on line HERE – or get to the venue early to avoid disappointment:

Here’s a few words about the bands…

Favourites of The Wytches after being hand picked to go on tour with the Brightonian grunge trio, Hull’s Vulgarians make heavy, brain-melting, gut-busting doom- grunge akin to label family dudes Gang plus Tigercub and of course The Wytches and they’re damn great at it too. It’s also their first Portsmouth outing so be sure to get down and mosh hard to another of the most exciting new bands in the country.

Happy Meal Ltd.
Probably the most exciting and talked about new band in the country right now and also one you may not have heard of. The mysterious London outfit are creating huge waves on the London underground scene with their 80’s glam rock meets sleazy post-punk. Imagine The Fall, Girl Band, The Horrors and Fat Whites mixed into one pot and you’re still not there. We’ve been trying to book these guys for ages so head down for their first ever out of London show. They’re insannnnnnnnne live.

Spaff Tits

Pie&Vinyl signings and Trashy 3some from the Isle of Wight….layers of fuzz and phased organ…lyrics about phone bills and your mum. Ty Segall devotees with a ❤️ for spaceman 3 and Sabbath too. Come get caught up in our trash dock slop rock –


Hotel Lux
New super mysterious sleazy punk outfit. Hotel Lux make incredible, grimey post-punk meets garage rock, they’re a new outfit from Portsmouth but from recordings they’ve sent over to us are already one of the most exciting acts from the area. Just trust us on this one…

Uncle Jimmy’s Wandering Hand Band
New garage-rock outfit featuring members of Melt Dunes one of the finest live band in the UK. Expect sleaze and sin from the illusive outfit.


Pie&Vinyl + Fat Cat Records curate a stage in a church for SOUTHSEAFEST 2016!

Saturday, 1st October from 1pm - 11pm - Trinity Church, Albert road - Part of Southseafest 2016

This year, we are back with our very special friends with impeccable taste  – the most excellent Fat Cat Records!

And, we have a new home… This year we are taking over the beautiful Trinity Church upon the Albert Road. We’ll also be selling pies, merch and other things at the venue.

Get your tickets HERE

Details on the acts playing throughout the day are HERE

Stage times are here!

Stage Time Artists
22.00 – 23.00 Honeyblood
21.00 – 21.30 Bad Breeding
20.00 – 20.30 Happy Meal LTD
19.00 – 19.30 Teenage Caveman
18.00 – 18.30 Emptifish
17.00 – 17.30 Breathe Panel
16.00 – 16.30 Show Home
15.00 – 15.30 Spaff Tits
14.00 – 14.30 Red Seals
13:00 – 13:30 Temples Of Youth

 We’ll also be back with the Pie Hole, and lots of great cordials tea and coffee – plus merch and records…

Just one more thing (Columbo Style) – the show will take place in a church, and unfortunately/fortunately we are not allowed to sell or consume alcohol on the premises. It’s the first time we have used this venue, and would love to try and use it again – so we are trying to be as respectful of the churches wishes as possible. Please join us in showing utmost respect. Who needs beer anyway? 

Enjoy the incredible poster designed by our good friend @Skever.

P.S. – The Trinity Church is beautiful, you are in for a treat!



33 RPM This event is brought to you by Play Dead and Pie&Vinyl

15th July - 15th August 2016 - Come and enjoy the radical visuals on pieces of Shellac

play dead 1

33 RPM…This event is brought to you by Play Dead and Pie&Vinyl.

We wanted to join together, as two independent small creative businesses in Southsea, and work together on an exciting and original project. We chose a theme that would play to both our strengths, and passion for art and music.

Play Dead have chosen 33 plus artists (from various backgrounds) to customise old or second-hand vinyl records and make something new and visually exciting with them. These will then be displayed at the Play Dead Gallery (131 Highland Road PO4 9EY), and a handful shown at Pie & Vinyl (61 Castle Road PO5 3AY), throughout the month of July.

Opening Night: Friday 15th July

On this evening, Play Dead will be opening the show, and you will be able to see all artwork for the first time, enjoy some free booze, and a short live acoustic set.

Hangover: Saturday 16th July

On the Saturday, we would encourage you to pop along to Pie&Vinyl to sample the Limited Edition ‘Play Dead Pie’, mash and peas… You won’t be disappointed.

Play Dead Gallery will also be open for Tattoos, Creative Fun, and music by a vinyl only DJ.

Artists involved include:

Mimic, Samo, Lex, Ooberla, Julian Kimmings, Kazland, M-One, My Dog Sighs, Stu Linfield, Midge, Los Dave, Wooden Beard, Lou Bliss, and many more…