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The idea of Pie & Vinyl is simple, combining our love and passion for music with one of England’s favourite old fashioned comfort foods in a stylish cosy location in Castle road, Southsea. Pie & Vinyl invite all of our brothers and sisters who currently inhabit this historically significant, fashionably vibrant culturally exciting city, to explore, […]

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The Record Store Day 2017 Castle Road Street Party!

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We are humbled, Proud, Excited, Delighted, Over Excited ( ____ insert superlative)… to announce the artists and bands that are supporting us for this year’s mighty celebration of Records and Music, known as – Record Store Day in the year 2017! This will happen on Saturday 22nd April 2017 from 8am – 7pm. The day […]

Record Store Day 2017 at Pie&Vinyl – Rules & Tips for Fun Times – Please Read

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For those who are new to Record Store Day, and a recap for those who treat the annual celebration as a type of Birthday/Christmas/Wedding Day all rolled in to one…please find some very important information on how we will roll on the big day. Ok, we’ve called them rules but please see them as positives gestures, […]

Record Store Day 2017 at Pie&Vinyl – Official UK Release List with pricing.

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Hi friends…here we go again! It’s the official UK and P&V RSD release list! Wahoo! Alright. Come on. Yeah. Basically, we will have access to everything released. If something isn’t mentioned on the list just now, but you’ve heard about it somewhere else, please e mail us and we’ll confirm if we are getting it. […]

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