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Southsea's Record Cafe

The idea of Pie & Vinyl is simple, combining our love and passion for music with one of England’s favourite old fashioned comfort foods in a stylish cosy location in Castle road, Southsea. Pie & Vinyl invite all of our brothers and sisters who currently inhabit this historically significant, fashionably vibrant culturally exciting city, to explore, […]

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CASSETTE STORE DAY 2015 at Pie&Vinyl…on Saturday October 17th

cassette store day 2015

”Clink, Clank, Clonk!” I just put my tape in to my tape player…Oh we love Cassettes. Bring a pencil folks…Can I get a rewind?…Cassette store day is back! We’ll be supporting this years event in store, and celebrating the timeless plastic format. There is so much to love about Cassettes – they are cheap. They […]

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