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Southsea's Record Cafe

The idea of Pie & Vinyl is simple, combining our love and passion for music with one of England’s favourite old fashioned comfort foods in a stylish cosy location in Castle road, Southsea. Pie & Vinyl invite all of our brothers and sisters who currently inhabit this historically significant, fashionably vibrant culturally exciting city, to explore, […]

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Ok Computer, we have some news for you kids – a… Sorry. This is a MASSIVE DEAL, so putting on my sensible hat (on top of my hitler hairdo, screaming Gucci little piggies – OK, I’m sorry, it’s out of the system now)… Throughout Friday 17 June we will be broadcasting an exclusive audio stream […]

PIE&VINYL LAUNCH the SUMMER MENU 2016 *Start licking your lips*

Feast your pies on this… At Pie&Vinyl, we source all of our ingredients as ethically, environmentally friendly and locally as possible. That is why we are extremely proud to introduce our ‘Seed to Salad’ campaign working in conjunction with Southsea Greenhouse. We grow as much produce as we can ourselves, giving you the peace of […]

Pie&Vinyl Records EP Launch – SACHA & Spaff Tits at the Wave Maiden

Sacha  Spaff Tits Poster 3 FLAT V4 (2)-page-001

Pie&Vinyl records are celebrating their 8th & 9th release by holding a joint EP Launch for fresh label acts SACHA & Spaff Tits. Join us upstairs at The Wave Maiden on Friday 24th June at 8pm for to celebrate our latest releases with these two incredible artists. Just £3 on the door or free entry […]